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Setting up the entitlement for the Jisc Collections website

This page provides information for those that manage an institutions UK Access Management Federation directory and have been requested to add an additional entitlement to allow federated access to the Jisc Collections website.

Jisc Collections website membership accounts include permissions that enable authorised members of library staff to order online resources. Consequently, in order to retain these permissions, Jisc Collections requires the use of an eduPersonEntitlement value to be provided by the Identity Provider (usually being an institution) when using Federated Access Management.

Please use the information provided below to set up the entitlement on the directory.

The entitlement value is:

Please contact the individual at your institution governing your directory services to have this entitlement added.

More information on the use of entitlement attributes can be found at:

and specifically about eduPersonEntitlement in section 7.1.5 of the "Technical Recommendations for Participants" at:

Further details on how to enable this attribute release can be found at:

For the purposes of access to the Jisc Collections website, the entitlement should be released to the following entity ID:

Use of this entitlement indicates self-assertion by the institution that the individual is an appropriate member of staff who is authorised by the account owner  to have basic access to the institution’s membership account and is a Jisc Collections Representative. It is the responsibility of the institution to ensure that only users who meet the relevant Jisc Collections conditions pass this entitlement value.


If you have any questions regarding this or would like to verify the status of the assertion regarding a Jisc Collections Representative please contact Brian Mitchell or Mark Williams at:  T: 02030066042