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Bloc payment methods for online journals

This report is based on an analysis of the practicability and the effect of different models for allocating costs of journal and other digital information licences between HEIs where journal collections or other information products have been licensed by a "bloc" of institutions for a single all-in price – the so-called "Big Deal". This type of transaction is contemplated for core resources that have widespread application in HE. It can operate at a national level, or on a regional basis, or for groups of academic libraries with a common interest in a particular discipline.

The report draws on two studies:

  1. Activities, costs and funding flows in the scholarly communications system in the UK, Research information Network, London, 2008 (referred to as the ‘CEPA Report), and
  2. Review of the Costs and Benefits of Single Payment Arrangements for Jisc/NESLi2 Licences, Jisc Collections, London, 2009, referred to as the ‘Single Payment Report’

Both reports point to the benefits of moving to a digital journal environment in which online-only journal lists are licensed from publishers (and print versions discontinued) and paid for in a single payment transaction and in which significant reductions in library operating costs are achievable.

Download the full report or view the report below. A sample bloc payment apportionment report accompanies this report as an appendix.

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