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Academic Health Science Centres pilot report

A pilot programme jointly established in February 2011 between Jisc Collections, Academic Health Science Centres and major STM publishers and database suppliers has resulted in an increased understanding of the issues involved for all parties, along with a clearer appreciation of NHS user usage.  Extended trial access continues in several cases and discussions to develop sustainable business models for enhanced provision of access to high quality e-content across NHS and academic staff are on-going with the publishers.

The initial objectives of the AHSC pilot have been developed through the pilot phase and the August 2012 report provides a summary of the main work undertaken, usage analysis, proposed business model, and the outcomes to date. 

With the publication of the Finch Report, the issue of extending access to licensed content to the health sector was highlighted and recommended hence the work undertaken during the AHSC Pilot provided a good foundation for a following up Pilot:  the 2014-15 NHS (Finch) Pilot.  The public report provides recommendations concerning access to academic research content by NHS users.


Last update:  March 2016