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The Merit Project

A considerable amount of metadata about the RAE2008 submissions was collected (and improved) during the project, which is now available to the community. We have developed web interface that allows Higher Education institutions and others to search for and analyse this data quickly and easily.

The metadata covers all the articles included in the RAE2008, as well as other outuputs including book chapters, conference papers, and multimedia. Please feel free to start searching the Merit database below. You can search the database by using any combination of the following filters:

  • * Institution Name
  • * Subject / Unit of Assessment
  • * Output type e.g. journal article, conference paper, book chapter or authored book
  • * Author (searches are based on the author’s surname)

Alternatively you can download the full list of journal articles, all other outputs, and the complete Access database that contains the RAE2008 submissions using the "Download the Merit data" links below. Further details on the data structures for the Merit database can be found in our Help section.

Last updated: April 2016

Download the complete Merit dataset

Search the Merit database

Please use the filters above to search the merit dataset