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Pearson HE e-textbooks Pilot Agreement 2017-18

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The Pearson higher education e-textbook agreement is a further one-year renewal of the pilot agreement. The agreement provides institutions with a choice of two access models:

  • Model 1: Library subscription with unlimited concurrent access
  • Model 2: Library subscription with limited concurrent user access

Institutions can subscribe to titles under one or both of the models.

Pearson is making available its full front and back list of higher education titles as part of the agreement. Pearson may from time to time withdraw titles due to rights restrictions.

During this pilot period, Jisc Collections and Pearson will be working collaboratively with institutions to evaluate the terms of the agreement and assess the individual models.

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Subject Areas

  • Arts and Humanities
  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Social Sciences

Law, Psychology, Medicine, Business, Economics

Academic Levels

  • Undergraduate

Resource Types

  • E-Books

Further information

This resource is never updated.

Pearson are making their full front and back list higher education titles available as part of this pilot agreement. Click here to view the list of titles

As new titles / editions are released, they will be added to the list.