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Digital Library of Core E-Resources on Ireland

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This core collection of 620,000 pages and around 80 key journals, 210 monographs and more than 2,500 manuscript pages is available free of charge to further and higher education institutions in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, research councils in the UK, publicly funded schools, publicly funded libraries, publicly funded archives and record offices within the UK and the Republic of Ireland as part of the JISC Digitisation Programme. The project is providing online access to a comprehensive, multi–disciplinary digital library of research materials relating to Ireland, spanning the 18th century to present. Ceased rare periodicals essential to the study of Ireland's cultural and political life can be found alongside journals publishing vital contemporary scholarship in their fields. Researchers, students, academics and teaching staff will be able to access the digitised materials on Irish Studies via JSTOR from its Ireland Collection.

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Agriculture, archaeology, art, biology, cultural studies, earth sciences, economics, environmental studies, history, literature, mathematics, music, politics, and sociology.

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New content will be added in accordance with JSTOR’s Moving Walls of between 1 and 5 years.