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Brill Journal Archive Online 2013 - 2018

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This agreement is for free of charge access to the Brill Journal Archive Online JOBA1 (Volume 1 Number 1 to 1999) and JOBA 2 (2000-2009) via the publisher's server until at least 31/12/2018.  An access fee may apply after 31/12/2018.
Alternatively institutions can self host the content for a one off payment of £500.  Please see the One Off Agreements tab for more details. 
Access for Part 2 (JOBA2) 2000-2009 will also shortly become available on the JISC Journal Archives platform by subscribing to the JISC eCollections service.  An announcement will be sent to the community when this option becomes available.  Access to Part 1 (JOBA1) is already available on JISC Journal Archives.

Start date: 01/01/2013

Expiry date: 31/12/2018

Licence type: Sublicence

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