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About our Journal SMP negotiations

Following the success of the Jisc Collections Journal negotiations and in order to extend the range of publishers and online journals available, we launched Jisc Collections Journal SMP (Jisc Collections journal negotiations for Small and Medium-Sized Publishers) in 2007.

There are currently 17 publisher lists included in the programme, ranging from small collections to collections of several hundred journals. Well over 1,000 titles in all are available to member institutions.

Criteria for inclusion in Jisc Collections Journal SMP:

Jisc Collections negotiates agreements with publishers whose collections are identified as being of potential interest, sometimes at the suggestion of member institutions. Publishers are understandably reluctant to see revenue eroded; rather than offering lower prices for an existing subscriptions base, the objective is therefore to widen access to a publisher's full collection at discounted (and Jisc-banded) prices.

Once pricing is agreed, Jisc Collections finalises the licences and offers with the accepted publishers. Details of agreements can be found in our Catalogue or from our current list of participating Journal SMP publishers, and are announced via the jisc–collections–consortium Jiscmail list in the same way as the main Jisc Collections Journal agreements.

Benefits for publishers

Our Journal SMP initiative offers publishers:

  • A single channel for the distribution of offers to the UK Higher and Further Education and Research communities
  • A standardised and efficient approach to presenting journal proposals to libraries and to addressing licensing issues
  • Association with the recognised branding of Jisc Collections and the visibility that this provides
  • Efficiencies of dealing with a single body on behalf of a large community

Publishers who are interested in participating in Jisc Collections Journal SMP must agree to our basic requirements.

How to find out more

Any publisher interested in participating in the Journal SMP programme may view the offer submission form and contact to initiate a discussion.

Last updated: March 2016