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Benefits for librarians

The list of publishers we work with for our journal agreements is regularly reviewed, based on feedback from the community we serve, and is ratified by the Electronic Information Resources Working Group. Every year we deliver efficiency gains for members through the Jisc Collections Journal and Journal SMP programmes, by saving time and duplication of effort through a single negotiation process and by achieving price reductions and low price increases through consortia discounts.

Publishers involved

There is a total of 29 current journal publisher agreements, and further details of these can be found in our Catalogue.

Eligibility and process:

Every UK academic institution with a Jisc band is eligible to participate in our journal agreement offers. Full details of current offers from publishers are communicated to the library community via the Jisc Collections Consortium closed discussion list, Jisc Collections Consortium discussion list, and a regular monthly report. Final Offer details are posted in our Catalogue, along with the finalised licence agreements and supporting documentation.

This information is accessible by Library / Journal Representatives who receive the login details for their institution when they register for an Institution Account for this website and join the jisc–collections–consortium. Where the pricing offer is complex, working examples of the pricing model are included. If a particular offer requires feedback, or confirmation of interest, this will be specified.

Where improved financial conditions can be achieved by agreeing to make a single, consolidated payment to a publisher on behalf of all participating institutions, we will do this via the Journals Closed Consortium procedure. Otherwise, libraries can usually access and order the content via their preferred channel.


We provide a monthly report on the progress towards achieving our negotiation criteria. In addition, we provide other information of relevance and interest to the community relating to online journals. This report is emailed via jisc–collections–consortium and is archived on the dashboard of an institution’s Institution Account, which is a personalised and secure area of this site.

Subscription Helpdesk

Our Subscription Helpdesk service for libraries aims to provide responses to questions within 24 hours. All questions relating to our journal agreements should be emailed to us at the Helpdesk. If you are a new Journals Representative for your institution and need assistance in getting up to speed with our journal agreements, please contact our Subscription Helpdesk.

Last updated: March 2016