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Jisc Collections staff

  • Jisc Collections is part of the Jisc group and in autumn 2014 our individual email addresses changed to reflect this. Just use the email address below, and when we reply we’ll do so from our new email address. All you need to do is save that email address to your contacts list and you’ll be able to keep in touch.
  • You can find the email addresses for colleagues who work for Jisc and Janet on their websites.

Liam Earney, Director of Jisc Collections

Liam has been working with e-resources since 1997 when he joined the International Bibliography of the Social Sciences at the London School of Economics. From the LSE Liam moved to Jisc as a member of their Collections Team undertaking licensing and negotiations on behalf of the UK academic sector. At Jisc and more recently Jisc Collections, he has worked as a collections manager, collections team manager and head of licensing, negotiating agreements with a wide range of publishers and suppliers of digital content.

In August 2011 Liam was seconded to lead HEFCE’s Knowledge Base+ project to build a shared community knowledge base for UK academic libraries. In 2013, he became the senior manager within Jisc Collections fulfilling a wide range of licensing activities as well as overseeing KB+ and leading on developing Jisc’s portfolio of library services to meet the evolving needs of UK academic libraries. Most recently Liam has been closely involved in Jisc Collections’ work to negotiate offset agreements that take into account the combined cost of APCs and subscriptions.  

As well as the UK education sector, Liam has worked with the NHS and museum library sectors and a number of overseas consortia providing advice on the procurement and licensing of scholarly content. 

T: 020 3006 6002
M: 07585 967684
London Office

Carolyn Alderson, Deputy Director of Jisc Collections

Carolyn joined Jisc Collections in 2010.  She has been in the serials information industry since 1988, working previously for Content Complete Ltd, Swets and Faxon. From August 2011 to December 2014 Carolyn was Head of Licensing with responsibilities that included leading the licensing team to deliver value for money agreements for UK members including the negotiation of pricing and licence terms for Jisc Collections and SHEDL, as well as consultancy for overseas consortia. Until recently she was Licensing Business Development Manager.   

As Deputy Director Carolyn has responsibilities relating to strategic business development and operational management, with a focus on journals activity. Carolyn is a member of the SCOAP3 governing council, and was a member of the UKSG's Main Committee, and was chair of the UKSG's Education Sub-Committee from April 2012 to April 2014.  She has an MBA from Warwick University.

T: 020 3006 6011
M: 07585 967687
Home based - Cambridge

Magaly Bascones, Service Manager - Knowledge Base Plus (KB+)

Magaly has over 10 years experience in documentation and information management. She joined Jisc Collections in July 2011 and was Project Manager of the Entitlement Registry Project, then KB+ (Knowledge Base Plus) Data Manager, before becoming Service Manager of KB+.

Previously, Magaly has worked in the Amnesty International (IS) Information Resources Department (UK), CERN and UN-HCR Libraries (Switzerland). She has a Masters in Development Studies from IUED – Geneva University and a Masters in Information and Documentation Management from Geneva University. She has published articles on open access, usage statistics, and others topics.

Magaly is Co-Chair of the NISO KBART Working Group.

T: 020 3006 6008
London Office

Scott Gibbens, Senior Service Manager (Jisc eCollections), Jisc Collections

Scott is a qualified librarian and has worked in University, College and NHS libraries. Working in the NHS Scott was responsible for setting up and managing the first national NHS collection of databases and electronic journals.

Prior to joining Jisc Collections Scott worked for the library suppliers Coutts and John Smiths, principally promoting their eBook service. Scott now spends much of his time visiting libraries to promote the Jisc eCollections service.

T: 07585 967685
Home based

Fay Gooding, Helpdesk Manager

Before joining Jisc Collections Fay spent 6 years managing the subscriptions and helpdesk for an extreme sports magazine and had a support role in accounts and advertising.

Fay joined Content Complete in June 2008 as subscriptions and helpdesk administrator (subsequently Helpdesk Manager) for the Jisc Collections Helpdesk, a role which includes the processing and invoicing of new and renewed orders and resolving queries from institutions and publishers.

T: 020 3006 6081
Oxford Office

Nicole Graham, Senior Accounts Assistant

T: 020 3006 6013
London Office

Catherine John, Licensing Manager for FE

Catherine has negotiated terms with a wide range of agencies, publishers and other content providers to supply online resources that support learning and research across many disciplines. From April 2014 Catherine is managing the eBooks for FE project along with other FE licensing initiatives.

T: 020 3006 6009
M: 07468 722 257
London Office

Victoria Legge, Licensing Manager

Vicky graduated from the University of Glamorgan in 2003 with a BSc in Sports Science. She joined Content Complete in June 2008 following time spent working in customer service and sales for supply management companies and a role in academic sales in the publishing industry.

Her responsibilities at Jisc Collections include the negotiation of pricing and licensing terms for national journals agreements, SHEDL, pharmaceutical companies and NHS regional consortia. She has been involved in several projects, has recruited a number of publishers to the JUSP project and has experience of HE in FE consortia purchasing.

T:  020 3006 6082
M: 07468 722268
Oxford Office

Christina Ley, Data Manager Knowledge Base +

Chrissie is a qualified librarian and has over 10 years of experience working within an academic library. She has specialised in electronic resources and was recently responsible for creating a custom knowledgebase for Bangor University.

Chrissie has been seconded to the role of Data Manager as part of the Knowledge Base+ project to build a shared academic community knowledge base for UK institutions.

T: 020 3006 6000
London Office

Kate Lister, Helpdesk Manager

Kate graduated from the University of Birmingham in 1991 with a BA Combined Honours Degree in French and German and has since been employed in a variety of roles including spells in retail management, tourism and administrative support.

Kate joined Content Complete (acquired by Jisc Collections) in April 2006 and has been Manager of the Jisc Collections Subscriptions Service and Help Desk since August 2008.

T: 020 3006 6080
Oxford Office

Vicky Lopez, Administrative Assistant and Personal Assistant to Liam Earney

T: 020 3006 6030
London Office

Caroline Mackay, Licensing Manager

Caroline joined Jisc Collections (initially Content Complete) as a Content Negotiator in August 2006. She has been in the subscriptions industry since 1990, holding a variety of positions at Blackwell's Information Services and Swets Information Services.

Since 2001 she has been actively involved in consortial negotiations, initially as NESLI Co-ordinator and later as part of Swets' Consortia and Multi-Site Services team. Her responsibilites include the negotiation of prices and licence terms for academic consortia and pharmaceutical companies.

T: 020 3006 6084
Oxford Office

Oisan Man, Web Manager

Oisan manages the Jisc Collections website, a role which includes developing and maintaining the CMS and website to improve the delivery of the service.  After graduating with a Masters degree in Computing, she worked in the web field for seven years before joining the organisation in April 2014.

T: 020 3006 6057
London Office

Caren Milloy, Deputy Director of Jisc Collections

Caren joined Jisc Collections in 2003 and has negotiated a wide range of agreements for digital content and managed several projects including the Jisc national e-books observatory. She was Head of Projects and managed an extensive portfolio of projects that research changes in user behaviours, pilots new business models, creates new tools and develops new consortia licensing models. An essential part of this role was to ensure that the projects are delivered in a professional manner and that the recommendations and findings are embedded into the core licensing work of Jisc Collections and communicated to the scholarly sector.

She is currently managing OAPEN-UK, a research project exploring open access publishing of scholarly monographs. She become Deputy Director of Jisc Collections in 2015.

M: 07776 769 578
London office

Brian Mitchell, Head of Web Services

Brian has worked for Jisc Collections since 2003 as a Marketing Manager and is now project managing the new Jisc Collections website. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing. He has over ten years experience of marketing in the education and publishing sectors.

T: 020 3006 6004
M: 07468 722269
London Office

Craig Moran, Directorate Operations Manager

With a 20 year background in Libraries and Information Management, Craig worked for 10 of those years at Grant Thornton UK LLP managing the business information centre and then as contracts and negotiation manager for all UK online publishing and information databases.

Craig joined Jisc Collections in 2013. His role involves the implementation of work flow processes for the management and auditing of all contracts and licences for consistency and adherence to models. He manages production of contracts for all outsourced suppliers, JUSP and small medium publishers. He negotiates on business information publishers and works closely with the Business Librarians Association. In addition, he manages the operational planning, risk registers and service management frameworks for the Digital Resources Directorate in Jisc.

T: 020 3006 6035
London Office

Stuart Parkin, Finance Assistant

T: 020 3006 6028
London Office

Damyanti Patel, Data Manager Knowledge Base Plus (KB+)

Damyani is a qualified librarian and has over 10 years of experience working within academic libraries managing e-resources.  Damyanti is a Data Manager as a part of the Knowledge Base Plus team to build a shared academic community knowledge base for UK institutions.

London Office

Ewa Pawliczko, Financial Controller

Ewa controls the finances of the Digital Resource directorate and supports the Chief Financial Officer and the Group Financial Controller in the management of finances for the Jisc group.

A CIMA qualified accountant, Ewa has previously worked in various industries ranging from construction to media, and has a broad experience within finance with a focus on budgeting and reporting.

T: 020 3006 6036
London Office

Richard Savory, Licensing Manager

Richard started his career at the British Library in 1979 and worked for several intermediaries including Swets, Blackwell Information Services, WH Everett and Baker & Taylor Books between 1984 and 2003.

More recently he has managed sales to Asia, the Middle East and Europe for the Royal Society of Chemistry and Taylor & Francis; these roles involved the negotiation of license agreements with library consortia in more than 20 countries.

Richard joined Jisc Collections in 2011 and concentrates mainly on the negotiation and management of journals agreements, including SHEDL, WHEEL and IReL, and is also involved in an advisory capacity with the French organisations Couperin and ABES.

020 3006 6083
M: 07468 722270
Oxford Office

Ben Taplin, Licensing Specialist

Ben joined Jisc Collections as a Collections Manager in the autumn of 2008. He brings over 10 years' experience of working in university and museum libraries, and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.

He was Project Manager for the Digital Library Licensing Service, which made online content available to public and museum libraries, and from 2012 to 2014 managed the E-books for FE project. Since early 2014, Ben has been responsible for managing all Jisc Collections' publisher licences.


T: 020 3006 6012
M: 07468 722 259

London Office

Anna Vernon, Jisc Collections Service Manager

Anna manages the team of licensing managers, the helpdesk team, and licensing specialist.  She plans and implements the schedules and processes for selection and renewal of Jisc Collections' agreements ensuring they are concluded on time and to the greatest advantage of libraries in higher and further education. 

Anna joined Jisc Collections in 2015 from the British Library and has a background in IP law, negotiation and Licensing and has the responsibility for ensuring that Jisc Collections, as a library consortium, provides the highest quality of service to libraries in the higher and further education sectors, and operates as effectively and efficiently as possible.


T: 020 3006 6005

London Office