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SCOAP3 UK Business Model

The SCOAP3 model was built on redirecting funds used to pay for subscriptions to a participating journal to support its conversion to Open Access, as well as to cover APCs in those Open Access journals.

SCOAP3 centrally pays the publishers for the costs involved in providing Open Access and the publishers in turn reduce subscription fees to their customers who contributed to SCOAP3. Each country contributes to a level commensurate with its scientific output in this field.

In addition, existing Open Access journals are also centrally supported, removing any existing financial barrier for authors. As a result, articles are Open Access, the copyright stays with the authors, and a permissive CC-BY licence allows text- and data-mining applications. Articles funded by SCOAP3 are fed by participating publishers into the SCOAP3 Repository.

A PowerPoint file explaining the SCOAP3 business model with reference to the UK collection of payments for the transition period (from subscription to Open Access) 2014-2016 is available in 'My Account' in the 'Support' tab.  The file is stored under the heading 'Other Important Information'.  You will need to sign in.

April 2016:  Now that the journals are Open Access, the current model used for UK HEIs contributing to the SCOAP3 initiative between 2017 and 2019 relates to the institution's proportion of High Energy Physics publishing in the SCOAP3 journals during 2014 and 2015.