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YouGov Reports 2017-2020

YouGov provides a collection of over 450 reports, covering over 2,000 topics including finance, technology, retail, utilities, media, legal services and food sectors.

Syndicated reports, such as the annual Global Survey of Wealth & Affluence, provide comprehensive market intelligence on a range of industry sectors. Custom research specialists also conduct quantitative and qualitative research.

YouGov reports provide the following:

  • Research collected from a database of over 600,000 panellists in the UK.
  • Market sizes, forecasts and segmentations.
  • Full survey questions (40-50) and access to all cross breaks (20-30).
  • Added insights from third party resources, such as trade associations, specialist publications and the Office for National Statistics.
  • More cross breaks, profiling data and opportunities for further analysis than typical reports.

YouGov's system allows users to access research flexibly, saving time and getting better value for money.

  • Search inside reports to extract the most pertinent information
  • Create executive summaries or other custom content
  • Export figures, tables and report sections into presentation-ready documents with one click
  • Communicate more effectively with colleagues
  • Translate reports into multiple languages

A flat fee per institution (no increase year-on-year of the agreement) will be charged for access; see catalogue page for pricing details. Orders should be placed via the Jisc Collections website, and the licence is ready for electronic acceptance.

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