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About KB+

What challenges is KB+ addressing?

Librarians, library systems vendors and other members of the library supply chain often complain about the difficulty of accessing reliable and accurate information for the knowledge bases that underpin so many library systems and services. Whether their concern is publications, packages, subscriptions, entitlements or licences, they know the answers must or should be there somewhere. Unfortunately, all too often:

  • librarians find that incorrect data, in the wrong formats, is in the wrong places. Not only is it hard to find, it’s also difficult to share between the different systems that libraries rely on.
  • systems vendors discover that the title list information generated by publisher systems (to support their own marketing) isn’t appropriate to the needs of library systems.
  • libraries find that subscription information goes missing as titles move from publisher to publisher and institutions store the information in a variety of digital and analogue ways.
  • libraries and systems vendors find that licence information is either missing entirely, is full of gaps in understanding or simply isn’t available in formats that can be uploaded into existing systems.
  • libraries find that knowledge sharing both within and across institutions is hampered by the inability to get in touch with the right people and the fact that the knowledge isn’t saved in a useful way.

The result is that, both within individual libraries and across academic libraries as a whole, time is being wasted finding, correcting and maintaining e-resource information. These are the challenges that KB+ has been established to address.

Who can benefit from using KB+?

The easily accessible, consistent and accurate information provided by KB+ will benefit:

  • Librarians, who can find information about subscriptions, licences, licence renewals etc at a glance; waste far less time trying to keep accurate records; and be able to provide a better and more reliable service to students and researchers.
  • Library directors, who will see huge savings in staff time; fewer errors in record keeping; and fewer disagreements with publishers and agents due to misunderstanding or misinterpretation of data.
  • Publisher, agents and systems vendors, who will have accurate, timely information about subscriptions, reducing the aggravation of negotiating licence renewals.
  • Students and researchers, who gain more reliable access to e-resources, including back issues of journals to which a library no longer subscribes.

What has KB+ achieved so far?

KB+ is now part of Jisc’s core offer, available free to all UK HE institutions. The system comprises:

  • Subscription Module
  • Licence Module
  • Comparison Tools
  • Export files on different formats
  • Quality controlled knowledge base (publication and licence information)
  • Financial Module (under development)

KB+ counts with a dedicated team of Data Managers.

For more information about KB+ provision, please visit

As ever, we will continue to work with institutions to define and then test the service enhancements.


Last updated: February 2017