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Knowledge Base+ (KB+) is a service from Jisc Collections that aims to help UK libraries manage their e-resources more efficiently by providing accurate publication, subscription, licence and management information.

What can KB+ do?

KB+ aims to ensure that all parts of a library’s supply chain have access to all the information they need whenever they need it. It is remarkably easy to use – very little training is required for new users to ‘get up to speed’.

KB+ also aims to avoid duplication of effort. It is a one-stop shop for the management of e-resource information.

Specifically, KB+ provides:

  • A centrally maintained and managed knowledge base in which Jisc Collections collates, verifies and updates knowledge base data, to avoid costly and wasteful duplication of effort by libraries all trying to do the same thing by themselves. More and more institutions are taking advantage of the fact that Jisc Collections will do a lot of the work involved in getting local institutional information uploaded into KB+.
  • Verified, accurate and up-to-date publication information for e-journal and e-books agreements, including national and regional consortium agreements from across the UK and a growing number of non-Jisc packages. All of this is made available under an open licence and disseminated throughout the library supply chain so that the right organisations have the data they need when they need it. Currently Ex Libris, Proquest, OCLC and EBSCO all use KB+ data in their systems. For a full list of the packages available from KB+ please visit the public exports page.
  • Subscription information and management tools to help institutions track details of entitlements and journal coverage, manage renewals, compare different journal packages, view usage statistics from JUSP, and exports formatted for use with link resolvers.
  • Licence information covering key values such as walk-in users, concurrent access, Post Cancellation Access and more. Institutions can create their own licence information, making use of templates created by Jisc Collections or their own licences.
  • Communications and collaboration support – ‘to do’ lists, announcements regarding additions and changes to data in the system, and the ability to add notes and documents to subscriptions and licences.

KB+ Team

JISC Collections

  • Magaly Bascones, Service Manager
  • Damyanti Patel, Data Manager
  • Christina Ley, Data Manager

Sero Consulting

  • Owen Stephens, Technical Authority and User Functionality Lead
  • Helen Harrop, Testing Lead

Knowledge Integration

  • Ian Ibbotson - Technical Architect
  • Mike Campbell - Developer
  • Jacob Naylor - Technical support
  • Gill Osguthorpe - Testing support


  • Mike Jones - Hosting Lead

Last updated: February 2017

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