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News and progress

This page provides information about the e-textbooks published, the communications released (articles, blog posts), and the events organised by the project. It also includes information about the reports released annually and about specific thematic updates (e.g. authors feedback on writing e-textbooks). A blog has been set up to communicate and share experiences about the publication of e-textbooks; some of the discussion topics include costs, benchmarking, evaluation, dissemination, uptake, and wider adoption. 

E-textbooks by release date:

February 2017: Key Concepts in Public Archaeology 
January 2017: Using Primary Sources
July 2016: Undertaking your research project
June 2016: Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
April 2016: Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability in Practice
October 2015: Applied Ethics (
September 2015: How to write a research dissertation


The project teams have published articles, written blog posts and delivered presentations about the Institution as e-textbook publisher over the last three years. Information about the project outputs is available on the project timeline.  

The latest articles published include:

August 2017: Exploring the University as an e-Textbook Provider of Scholarly Work
March 2017: Creating a new type of e-textbook: Using Primary Sources
November 2016: Research in progress: the institution as e-textbook publisher
November 2015: The institution as e-textbook publisher

The latest blog posts include:

July 2017: The University of Nottingham’s 6C model of Open Educational Resource Publication
July 2017: The Rise of New University Presses and Academic-Led Presses in the UK
June 2017: Feedback from an author: an academic’s experience
March 2017: Creative Commons and Open Access Books

For information on all the project blogs go to:


Jisc hosted the first Institution as e-textbook publisher workshop on 16 June 2017 in Birmingham. Further details about this event are on Jisc's website and the project blog.

Annual Reports:

Progress reports are published annually by each project partner. The latest report was released in September 2016 and provides an update on progress regarding the e-textbooks, content creation and publication, dissemination and promotion, costs and resources, sustainability and viability, benchmarking and evaluation, communication, and critical reflections.

A summary of the project teams reports published in 2016 and 2015 is available here.

Thematic updates:

Authors’ feedback: in November 2016 a report was published that reflected the Institution as e-textbook publisher authors views and experiences in writing the e-textbook. A summary of the issues and themes that arose during the interviews is available here.

Project snapshots: contexts and indicators: in June 2014 an informal survey was carried out with the institutional leads for each project. The aim was to capture a concise and very high-level set of snapshots through which initial judgments concerning the project environment could be made and how this will change as the programme progresses. A summary of the survey findings is available here.

Last updated: September 2017