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The Model NESLi2 Licence for Journals

The NESLi2 licence, NESLi2 sublicence, and NESLi2 sublicence (where a single payment can also be ordered via a subscription agent) for e-journals are used by our staff in negotiations with publishers. Their origins date back to the pioneering licensing work undertaken by the PA and JISC and their PA/JISC draft model licence drawn up in the mid-1990s.

History and development:

The Model NESLi2 Licence for Journals was approved in September 2002. Further revisions were approved by the Journals Working Group in April 2005, bringing the licence up to date with latest developments in the delivery of teaching and learning and the dissemination of research activity in the academic community.

In October 2006, changes relating to the more recent developments of wireless networks, the UK Access Management Federation, electronic repositories and self archiving were made to the Licence.

Further changes were made in May 2007 relating to an expansion of the Authorised User clause and Secure Authentication definitions, dark archives used by the publisher and an indication of compliance with Project Transfer.

In September 2008, the dark archives clause was strengthened and some minor changes were made to the Schedules to tighten-up the wording regarding subscription periods and fees.

In May 2009, the Model Licence was amended for 2010. Additions included provisions regarding the permission to make use of the Licensed Material for text- and data-mining, as well as a new requirement for publishers to provide information on the licensed material to A–Z lists and link resolver vendors.

Recent developments include the introduction of an Additional Authorised Users definition and associated Partner Fee schedule, and alumni access.

We have produced a MS Word document that outlines the procedure for completing and handling the NESLi2 licence.

Previous Versions of the NESLi2 Licence for Journals