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Web of Science 2013-2016 (Annual Commitment)

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Full Text Linking

Links are created by matching the customer's electronic journal holdings with content available through DOI feeds and publisher feeds.

Full text can also be accessed via the OpenURL protocol.

Federated Searching

Customers can configure their federated search system to search Web of Science through a SOAP web service.

Search Options

Users can search through the Web of Science interface, through a federated search interface or via a SOAP web service that can be used with a client service.

Post Search Options

Search results can be sorted by a variety of criteria, analyzed, printed, emailed, saved to a file or exported into a variety of bibliographic software packages including EndNote and EndNote Web.

Usage Statistics

Web of Science is COUNTER compliant. Additional statistics include citation events, records viewed, records exported, records saved, records printed, records emailed, records ordered, total items requested and web services usage. Data can be delivered on an aggregated level or by user credentials (IP address or token identification). Also, statistics about alerts created through the product are available.


Authentication is via the UK Access Management Federation, Athens, IP range, Username and Password.


Individual users can personalise their accounts in order to save searches to the server, create alerts or customize their search interface. Sites may add up to five logos to the Web of Knowledge home page.


The Web of Science adheres to the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines.