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LOCKSS (Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe) UK Alliance Membership 2014-15

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The UK LOCKSS Alliance is cooperative activity of UK libraries that are committed to identify, negotiate, and build local archives of material that librarians and academic scholars deem significant. Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe (LOCKSS) is an international initiative to ensure libraries remain central to the process of scholarly information management. It provides libraries with the tools and support to easily and inexpensively take custody of the scholarly assets for which they have paid, namely e-journals and e-books. Libraries use LOCKSS for two distinct purposes. First, institutions use LOCKSS to preserve the e-journals and scholarly content important to them, preventing loss of access in the event that the publisher’s material is taken off-line. Second, following integration of LOCKSS with link resolver systems, libraries can supply continuing access to content either for post-cancellation access or in the event that a publisher is temporarily unavailable. Library experience feeds into the development of the LOCKSS system to ensure it fits into library workflows and systems. Dedicated support and guidance is offered to participating institutions. The UK LOCKSS Alliance is a membership organisation, with endorsement from the Jisc e-Journal Archiving Implementation Group, independent evaluation reports and from Jisc.

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