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Jisc eCollections for Higher Education Institutions 2014-2017

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Full Description

Jisc eCollections is a value-for-money service that integrates access to a range of high quality archives, managed by the community, for the community, for the long term.

We have purchased, on behalf of our member institutions, over £15 million worth of high quality journal, book and multimedia archives. Previously member institutions had to access this content on a range of different platforms, many of which were not managed by Jisc Collections.

Accessing these archives on multiple platforms can be confusing for users, and presents additional administrative effort for librarians. Some of the archive owners charge annual access fees, over which we have limited control.  Future delivery depends on the ongoing sustainability of a number of different publishers and platform providers.

We have developed our Jisc eCollections service to consolidate and host the archives we have licensed on your behalf. Jisc eCollections enables all member institutions to offer their users a world-class collection, a virtual library of thousands of journals, historical books, images, films and sounds. Jisc eCollections comprises three platforms:

Journal Archives

More than 3.75 million articles from the archives of over 600 journals of major publishers and societies – Brill, Institution of Civil Engineers, Institute of Physics, ProQuest, Oxford University Press,  Royal Society of Chemistry.

Historical Texts

The full text of over 350,000 books published in Great Britain from 1475-1900 including over 65,000 19th Century books.


From 1 September 2016 the Jisc MediaHub subscription service will no longer be available, however all the multimedia content licensed by Jisc for MediaHub will be made available through this new service, MediaPlus.

MediaPlus will be hosted and delivered by Alexander Street, the leading provider of academic streaming media. All Jisc-licensed news, film, image and music content including high profile collections such as ITN, Getty images and Wellcome Library images and sound, will continue to be available to you. New content such as Teachers’ TV will also be available. The new service will be available from this site on 1st September.

To ease the transition between the serices, access to MediaHub will be maintained during the month of August.

For more information about MediaPlus, please contact:

Community management: as part of the academic community, we will solicit service feedback and work with the Jisc eCollections advisory boards to develop, expand and preserve the service in line with the long-term expectations and needs of members.

For the long term: with your help, Jisc eCollections can become self-sustaining, thereby guaranteeing lasting availability for the community.

Value for money: a single access fee supports the hosting and ongoing development of all three of the platforms within Jisc eCollections.  Access fees have been set and depend on institution type and band. The annual renewal fees have been confirmed at 1% per annum, Consumer Price Index (CPI) minus 1%.

Simple, integrated interfaces: each platform will provide consistency and enable cross-searching across multiple archives, making it easier for all users to find and use valuable content.

Full administrative feature set: including UK Access Management Federation, COUNTER statistics and inbound OpenURLlinking for text content, and training support.

In short, Jisc eCollections will give you control of your content.


  • The access fee covers access to all three platforms and is pro-rated.