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Jisc eCollections for Higher Education Institutions 2014-2017

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Agreement types available: Yearly agreements

Please also note that for this agreement, if your institution is a member of the Jisc VAT Cost Sharing Group then the invoices that Jisc Collections will raise for this subscription (on behalf of Jisc) will be VAT exempt, in which case you will be charged zero VAT. Please contact our Helpdesk if you have any further queries.

The Jisc eCollections service consists of three platforms: MediaPlus, Journal Archives and Historical Texts (PLEASE NOTE: Jisc MediaPlus is being withdrawn in July 2016 - fees will be reduced to reflect this). When you sign up to join Jisc eCollections, you will be charged an access fee (as detailed below). This access fee includes access to all three platforms.
Access fees have been set and depend on institution type and band. The annual renewal fees have been confirmed at 1% per annum, Consumer Price Index (CPI) minus 1%.
There are two sub-licences to accept for Jisc eCollections – one for MediaPlus and one for Journal Archives and Historical Texts combined. The sub-licence document covers all three platforms.
Please also note that Further Education institutions should refer to the separate agreements and pricing for the MediaPlus and the Historical Texts and Journal Archives platforms. If you have any queries, please contact our Helpdesk.

Start date: 01/08/2014

Expiry date: 31/07/2017

Licence type: Sublicence

Additional authorised user information: None specified

Agreement prices are pro rata. The price(s) below are what your institution would pay if you subscribed this month.

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Pricing information for Higher Education
  01 Aug 2014 - 31 Jul 2015 01 Aug 2015 - 31 Jul 2016 01 Aug 2016 - 31 Jul 2017
Band 1 0.00 GBP (Access fee 6,098.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 6,159.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 6,220.00 GBP)
Band 2 0.00 GBP (Access fee 5,481.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 5,536.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 5,591.00 GBP)
Band 3 0.00 GBP (Access fee 4,892.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 4,941.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 4,991.00 GBP)
Band 4 0.00 GBP (Access fee 4,452.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 4,497.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 4,541.00 GBP)
Band 5 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,806.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,844.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,883.00 GBP)
Band 5A 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,806.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,844.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,883.00 GBP)
Band 5B 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,806.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,844.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,883.00 GBP)
Band 6 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,045.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,075.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 3,106.00 GBP)
Band 7 0.00 GBP (Access fee 2,824.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 2,852.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 2,881.00 GBP)
Band 8 0.00 GBP (Access fee 2,600.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 2,626.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 2,652.00 GBP)
Band 9 0.00 GBP (Access fee 960.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 970.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 979.00 GBP)
Band 10 0.00 GBP (Access fee 910.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 919.00 GBP) 0.00 GBP (Access fee 928.00 GBP)