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Web of Knowledge Upgrade 2013-2016 (Annual Commitment)

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Agreement types available: Yearly agreements

This subscription option is for the 3 year committment for the Web of Knowledge Upgrade. In order to generate a correct invoice, please first request a quotation for the Web of Knowledge Upgrade by email from Jon Stroll or from the JISC Collections Helpdesk. You can then add this resource to your basket, indicating that you accept the Web of Knowledge Upgrade quotation. Please paste the relevant quotation text into the Order Notes Field. Please also state which of the following Backfiles that you would like to purchase i.e. the 5 Year Backfile, 20 Year Backfile, or the Full Backfile, please also include this in the Order Notes field. This then forms part of the Charges and Payment Terms Schedule in the sub-licence and the Licensed Material Schedule, therefore enabling you to accept the licence via our online ordering system.

Alternatively institutions can subscribe to the Web of Knowlege Upgrade 2013-2016 three year commitment; Web of Science 2013-2016 annual commitmentWeb of Science 2013-2016 three year commitment; Journal Citation Reports 2013-2016 annual commitment; or Journal Citation Reports 2013-2016 three year commitment.
Transaction Fee: The Sub-Licensee will pay to Jisc Collections a transaction fee of £65.00 plus VAT where applicable. The transaction fee covers Jisc Collections’ administration and invoicing costs.

Start date: 01/10/2013

Expiry date: 30/09/2016

Licence type: Sublicence

Additional authorised user information: None specified