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Web of Science 2013-2016 (3 Year Commitment)

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Agreement types available: Yearly agreements

This subscription option is for the 3 year committment. Alternatively institutions can subscribe to the Web of Science 2013-2016 annual commitmentWeb of Knowlege Upgrade 2013-2016 three year commitment; Web of Knowlege Upgrade 2013-2016 annual commitment; Journal Citation Reports 2013-2016 annual commitment; or Journal Citation Reports 2013-2016 three year commitment.
Transaction Fee: The Sub-Licensee will pay to Jisc Collections a transaction fee of £65.00 plus VAT where applicable. The transaction fee covers Jisc Collections’ administration and invoicing costs.

Start date: 01/10/2013

Expiry date: 30/09/2016

Licence type: Sublicence

Additional authorised user information: None specified