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19th Century British Pamphlets


As part of the £22 million JISC Digitisation Programme, access to this resource, via JSTOR, is free to UK Further and Higher Education institutions, Research Councils, publicly funded Schools, publicly funded Libraries, publicly funded Archives and Record Offices within the UK, and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office Library until 31/07/2019. An access fee may apply after this date. This programme is providing online access to some of the most significant collections of 19th century pamphlets held in UK research libraries. The digitisation of some twenty six thousand paper copy pamphlets, has created over one million page images that focuses on the political, economic, and social issues that fuelled the great Parliamentary debates and controversies of the 19th century.

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PYMCA for Education


The Photographic Youth Music Culture Archive is a specialist resource featuring over 40,000 exclusive photographs, moving images, texts, graphics, digital magazines and supplementary research. With insight materials covering the last 150 years of Youth Culture, Youth Tribes and Social History, PYMCA is an essential educational resource for many HE and FE subject areas from media to fashion, music to history, social sciences and much more. PYMCA for Education now introduces an exciting new redesign featuring an interactive Youth Culture timeline, video material, and music playlists. Visually browse through individual decades and genres of prolific youth culture history from the Teddy Boys of the 1950s to the Gonguro Girls of the 2000s.

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