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Additional User Groups

Jisc Collections has experience in the issues and challenges of licensing for Additional Authorised Users (AAUs) who may or may not be considered students or researchers of the institution.  

Licensing additional user groups and additional authorised users into agreements may involve contacting many publishers and reviewing many licenses.  It is a time-consuming process.

Partnership Arrangements:  We are aware that due to the nature of partnership relationships, along with expected contractual obligations, librarians may need additional help in negotiating agreements for content and resources with publishers and explaining the detail of these arrangements.

Membership Organisations:  Other institutions are trying to licence into their content agreements with publishers users who are library members of their organisation and require access to library resources, but who are not staff or students of the institution as such.  Users could be students or researchers who are located in the UK or elsewhere.

Jisc Collections can help you in a number of ways, such as:

  • undertaking licence healthchecks to understand the nature of your current agreements with publishers and providers and what may or may not be achievable
  • providing consultancy and a plan of action
  • arranging free trials to assess content for new user groups
  • obtaining indicative quotations from publishers
  • negotiating for the inclusion of these users with publishers on your behalf

If you wish to discuss possibilities further please contact Carolyn Alderson, Deputy Director, Jisc Collections: 


Last updated: April 2016