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Alternative Providers of HE in the UK

Based on our knowledge and expertise in providing a national consortium negotiation and licensing service for UK academic Higher Education Institutions, Jisc Collections offers Affiliate Membership to qualified independent educational providers/ Alternative Providers of HE in the UK. 

Wide range of content

Jisc Collections has negotiated and licensed access rights to a broad range of collections of content with various publishers and providers, to address the needs of teaching, learning and research in higher education.  Our catalogue of resources contains hundreds of online resources and collections available at affordable prices to our members.  The types of content available includes journals, datasets and ebooks.  Jisc Collections does not own the content; institutions decide for themselves whether they wish to sign up to an agreement and pay the fee for the resource.

Favourable consortium pricing

Many of our consortium collection agreements use Jisc banded pricing which means that those institutions that receive more funding for teaching and research pay more than those that may have more students, but less income.  All band rates are discounted from standard commercial pricing.  The banding helps make resources affordable to more institutions.  This has enabled more students to access large amounts of content, while at the same time providing increased overall income to publishers.  Other pricing models involve a ‘top-up’ fee over amounts paid for journal subscriptions, and/or heavily discounted pricing off standard commercial rates.


Affiliate Membership

Independent educational providers may be able to benefit from the agreements negotiated by Jisc Collections for content and pricing and become Jisc Collections Affiliate Members.  However, we cannot automatically offer our agreements outside our established membership without gaining the agreement of publishers, including relevant price points, licensing terms and payment routes.

Jisc Collections can undertake this enquiry with publishers on behalf of individual or groups of Alternative Providers, incorporating the additional negotiation and licensing work that will be involved.  If this sounds interesting, we would be pleased to meet with you to explain more about how we operate, and what we need to know in order to represent your interests, scope the work and provide a quotation for our services. 

To discuss further, please contact our Helpdesk quoting ‘Alternative Provider of HE Query’. We will then contact you. 

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