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Jisc Collections Content Strategy Group (JCCSG)

image of EIRWG members The Jisc Collections Content Strategy Group (Formerly Electronic Information Resources Working Group - EIRWG) was established in 2010 to provide advice to Jisc Collections. Its Terms of Reference were revised in 2014.

Core aims

  • Develop and advance strategy for cost-effective content acquisition and delivery of electronic information resources, which takes account of the dynamic nature of the information market place and the changing needs of the community
  • Provide leadership for national negotiations designed to constrain the cost of access to electronic information resources 
  • Facilitate debate and, where appropriate, action to help implement possible long-term solutions to the rising costs of scholarly communication 
  • Assist the community in achieving and demonstrating value for money 
  • Commission research to assist the community in the effective exploitation of electronic information resources to support research and teaching 
  • Work in collaboration with Jisc to support the enhancement of innovative resource discovery and library collection management services 
  • Ensure the best possible licensing terms and conditions and preservation arrangements for the library community.
  • Communicate with all stakeholders in order to foster a mutual understanding of the issues around electronic information resources 

Your constituency member

If you would like to suggest agenda items, or send a message to the group, please contact the constituency member of JCCSG for your institution, organised by Jisc band.

You can find the constituency member for your Jisc band in the dropdown list below, and view the details and contact information for your member by viewing their profiles on the membership page

Last updated: March 2016