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We are a division of Jisc Collections and Janet Ltd that supports the provision of digital content for education and research in the UK.

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Introducing 'Historical Texts'

We have been working to create the new platform for ‘Jisc Historic Books’ for several months now and have also given it a new name...'Historical Texts'.

This summer we plan to release a list of new materials we would like to include and timelines for the addition of this content will be confirmed soon.

Key dates:

1. Early May 2014: Historical Texts BETA release for community testing and feedback
2. 01 June 2014: Historical Texts will replace Jisc Historic Books
3. 23 June 2014: Access to Jisc Historic Books will be switched off

For further updates and information please see our development roadmap.

Jisc MediaHub - Image of the Month

On 17th April 1755, Samuel Johnson's 'A Dictionary of the English Language' was first published. It had taken over 8 years to put together and contained over 40,000 words. Although Johnson had his detractors, his dictionary was received with enthusiasm and remained the benchmark for dictionaries for many years, laying the foundations for Webster's Dictionary and the OED.

'A Dictionary of the English Language' image

Image credit: Wellcome Images. This is just one of thousands of images and videos you can find at Jisc MediaHub, part of the Jisc eCollections service.

Jisc Collections news

Alexander Street Press EBA video

Published Thu April 17 2014, by Carolyn Alderson in New agreements

We are delighted to announce a new agreement with Alexander Street Press enabling access to over 33,000 video resources.  See the press release here.

Dove Medical Press Open Access membership available

Published Wed April 2 2014, by Caroline Mackay in Open Access

Jisc Collections has negotiated an agreement with Dove Medical Press for Institutional Membership, which provides a way for institutions to actively support open access and for their researchers by removing some of the financial cost from the individual author when publishing in a Dove Medical Press journal. Our Membership Offer secures a number of articles at a discounted rate on the standard APC charge.

Cambridge Companions Online and Shakespeare Survey Online

Published Tue April 1 2014, by Ben Taplin in Renewals

Jisc Collections is pleased to announce that our agreements for Cambridge Companions Online (CCO) and Shakespeare Survey Online have now been renewed and are ready to order from our website.

Thieme eBook Library 2014-15

Published Tue April 1 2014, by Richard Savory in New agreements

The Thieme eBook Library is a package of medical textbooks, currently numbering 74. Annual fees are pro-rated depending on the licence start date.

Cans Legal Information - Renewal agreement now available (July 2014 to June 2017)

Published Fri March 21 2014, by Victoria Legge in Renewals

The Cans Legal Information renewal agreement is now available for review and subscription.

Consultants appointed for SME project

Published Thu March 20 2014, by Carolyn Alderson in Project updates

Jisc Collections is delighted to announce the appointment of consultants Optimat and Iglooe to run the SME Pilot.

Jisc eCollections available to renew to July 2017

Published Thu March 20 2014, by Caroline Mackay in Renewals

The Jisc eCollections services; MediaHub, Journal Archives and Historic Books are now available to renew through to July 2017.

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