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Extending Access to Additional Users in the NHS

Jisc Collections has been working on the challenges surrounding extending access to licensed academic research journal content to NHS users across the UK.

Eight publishers are participating in the pilot which seeks to understand the level of usage by NHS users to inform relevant business models.

Key dates:

April 1st 2014: Official start of Pilot

October 2014: First usage analysis (Apr 2014–Sept 2014 usage).

November 2014: Usage analysis and mid-trial report

March 31st 2015: Pilot officially ends

May 2015: Second usage analysis (Apr 2014-Mar 2015).

June 2015: Usage analysis and final draft report

June 2015: Meeting to discuss pilot outcomes with stakeholders

July 2015: Final Report

For further information about the pilot: Extending-Access-2014 NHS-Pilot

Jisc MediaHub - Image of the Month

This photograph shows a village summer outing in July 1915. One detail that appears not to have changed is the weather judging by how the occupants of the car are dressed!

Image credit: Beaford Old Archive (via Culture Grid). This is just one of thousands of images and videos you can find at Jisc MediaHub, part of the Jisc eCollections service.

Jisc Collections news

JSTOR launches Hebrew Journals Collection

Published Thu August 21 2014, by Craig Moran in New agreements

Hebrew Journals is the first JSTOR collection to be released in Hebrew.

New e-books for FE collection free of charge

Published Wed August 20 2014, by Roger Tritton in ebooks for FE

Jisc Collections add 160 e-books for FE, offered free of charge to colleges.

PathCal 2014/15 Agreement now available

Published Thu July 31 2014, by Victoria Legge in Renewals

The PathCal 2014/15 1 year renewal agreement is now available for review and subscription.

Oxford Journals Archive Renewal available to renew

Published Wed July 30 2014, by Caroline Mackay in Renewals

Institutions who wish to continue to access the Oxford Journals Archive via the Publisher's website can renew their access for a further three years to July 2017.

New National Agreement for Science Classic Archive

Published Fri July 25 2014, by Fay Gooding in New agreements

Science Classic is the digitised full-text archive of Science from AAAS featuring the collection of issues published between 1880 and 1996 and is available free of charge to all UK universities, colleges and research councils.

Encyclopaedia Britannica eBook Collection for FE 2014/2015 - Annual Subscription Agreement - Now available

Published Tue July 22 2014, by Victoria Legge in Renewals

Encyclopaedia Britannica eBook Collection for FE 2014/2015 Annual Subscription Agreement is now available for review and subscription via our catalogue.

Releasing open data about the Total Cost of Ownership

Published Mon July 21 2014, by Stuart Lawson in Cost of ownership

Few universities are fully aware of the total number of APCs paid by their institutions, Jisc Collections aims to help institutions make savings by obtaining this missing data.

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